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Lovely sunny morning down at the allotment. We were very busy and managed to get lots of jobs done including sowing our sunflowers, carrots and replacing the onions the birds had so kindly dug up.

We planted two variety's of sunflower 'Little Leo' and a giant variety, that will be planted behind the 'Little Leo' which I hope will create a beautiful display through the summer.

I was particularly happy this weekend as some of my crocus and daffodil bulbs have appeared creating some much welcomed colour on the plot.

The boys were having so much fun playing out in the fresh air that I had some extra time on my hands to weed over the herb bed ready for some new plants.

Eventually the sky began to cloud over and we had to come home... until next weekend.


Had a lovely afternoon with my mum in her garden passing on her knowledge, She talked about her fruit bushes, rhubarb, and things she had growing in her greenhouse. 

Its nice to see things popping out at this time of year. mum had a few pea seeds sprouting and some sweet peas my favourite. I also spotted some spring bulbs, its all getting me rather excited about the year ahead.

You can see the you tube video of Grandma's garden by clicking on the you tube link above.


The best birthday ever. Not only did my fantastic husband give me a wooden shed for our garden at home and the personalized wooden trug I've being longing for from Loldeantimber, he also organised the kids so I could spend the whole day at the allotment.with the boys. He even brought a picnic for dinner. 

Fist job on my list of to do was to construct the children's play house we removed from the garden, hopefully this will keep them occupied throughout the year, making a great addition to the children's play area.

I also planted with the help of the boys and our dog some bulbs I got for my birthday three types of Dahlia's and some stunning orange gladioli. 

We've had some fruit bushed lying around since we bought them a few weeks back so today I left them to soak a few hours before planting them in the ground where the final position of the fruit cage will be. The bushes included two gooseberries and  red and black currant bushes. They made a lovely addition to the raspberry canes we had already planted. 

Grandad and Joey also managed to use the plan I have created to cover over the remaining beds we want to suppress the weeds in. we're really hoping we can keep on top of the plot this year.

Take Care



Another lovely Sunday at the allotment, I managed to get my onion sets in the ground along with the garlic and my dad is working hard at getting all the beds ready for the up and coming growing season. The plot is looking pretty smart if I don't mind saying so myself.

So far we are doing really well this year, we have the flower batch packed with bulbs for the spring and summer bulbs ready to plant come March. Our broad beans are in and now the onions and garlic. Lots still do to but I feel we are much more organised then ever before. 

I'm holding off sowing things till a litter later this year so my seedlings don't get so leggy. I learnt a lot form the previous years where a lot of my plants were lost as I sowed far too early.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and visit the website.


Take care Claire



Wow! We have over 500 subscribers on you tube, and we could not be happier, thank you so much to everyone who follows us and watches our videos.

To celebrate this and my up and coming birthday my husband bought me a lovely wooden greenhouse for the garden, I've been after one for a while now.

It was super hard to put up but I'm really happy with it now that it up in the garden I'm just so excited to start sowing this year. 

You can check out the video of the greenhouse construction on our YouTube channel or by clicking on the YouTube tab above.

Watch this space for lots of sowing videos in the new greenhouse.

Take Care 



We featured some great ground cover fabric in one of our videos recently. After buying some really poor quality fabric that ripped away from the pegs in the wind, we decided to invest in some decent fabric. We were really pleased with the quality of the fabric and we hope that it will help to solve our weed problem on the plot.


Pro-Tec are an independently run business based in Norwich, Norfolk, who provide quality outside gardening products. We have worked with Pro-Tec  and they are offering  our followers an exclusive 10% discount code that can be found on our members page, or by viewing our next YouTube video.

We were over the moon with the discount code and have already ordered our next roll.

You can visit their brand new website by clicking on the Pro-Tec logo below.


Time to complete those jobs we've been putting off, so I've tided the polly tunnel, which I'm soooo happy about as I found some real treasures and I've now created space for the growing season ahead. 

We've also put up the new allotment gate... I love it and want to say a big thank you to my lovely daddy and husband for working really hard to get in completed. Its rustic and gorgeous. 

I can't wait till the warmer months when were working away on the plot and other plot holders will be able to see us though the gate and maybe pop it for a hot cup of tea, in our lovely shed. 

Next weekend we hope to have a whole allotment tidy up....

The video of our gate and polly tunnel projects will be uploaded shortly...

Take care 


Purple Sweet Pea Allotment
Purple Sweet Pea Allotment
Purple Sweet Pea Allotment
Purple Sweet Pea Allotment

Lovely Sunday down at the plot having a good tidy up and even managed to get a small harvest. 

Were really pleased with our cabbages this year and I managed to harvest a lovely one for our tea tomorrow night, Along with some New Zealand Yams

I also managed to film the details of our competition were running to celebrate the launch of the Purple Sweet Pea Allotment website. 

Having had really good success with seeds from Seed Parade last year. Were giving away 12 packets of seeds from Seed Parade, including Hot Pepper Scotch Bonnet yellow, Golden Sunrise Tomatoes, April Cabbage and many more.

All you need to do to enter our competition is to join our mailing list by clicking on the join us link above. Good Luck

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.

I will post a video soon.


Purple Sweet Pea Alotment
Purple Sweet Pea Alotment
Purple Sweet Pea Alotment
Purple Sweet Pea Alotment
Purple Sweet Pea Alotment

Samuel and I headed down the plot for a quick check in, still loads of tidying to do, i think I'm putting it off.

Instead my thoughts turn to the idea of getting chickens on the allotment. I think this would be a great idea and would make memories my kids would never forget. 

I think I'm in need of a formal allotment meeting with granddad to make the final decisions. 

When we returned home and had a little warm Samuel and I drew a winner for our seed give away competition. 

And the Winner is....

Michael Hill

Well done Micheal, and a big thank you to all those who made the effort to join our website... thank you..

Until next time 



Lovely few hours down the plot today with the boys, dad and the husband.

Jobs on the list included, sow the broad beans, turn over some of the beds and cover for planting. I was quite please with my self as I managed to plant one bed up with 12 strawberry plants, I hope we get lots of fruit this year.

Dad quickly sorted out many of the other beds today as well. In fact I'd go as far as to say the plots looking lovely for this time of year.


Don't forget you can check out our video updates on our YouTube tab or by visiting YouTube and searching purple sweet pea.

Take care



Our 70th YouTube video and we could not be prouder. Its such a lovely record of my children growing up and our allotment progress. 

We celebrated by letting joey do some of the filming for a change and i think it worked out quite well. 

In this episode we finish off the strawberry bed construct the fruit cadge and plant some more fruit bushes. 

You can check out the latest purple sweet pea allotment video by clicking on the YouTube tab on the menu bar above.

We are so grateful for all the continued support from our subscribers and followers alike.

Here's to another 70 episodes.


Take care




Its December 31st and Samuel and I headed down to the allotment to plant daffodils and tulip bulbs. They have been patiently sat waiting in my kitchen gardening cupboard to be planted for way too long now.

I also hoped to make a new year video but, technology failed me and all my videos files corrupted when we returned home, I was gutted to say the least. 

However, on reflection I did have a lovely time with Samuel. The air was fresh and I managed to plant all my bulbs and my thoughts were filled with ideas of plants I would like to grow and projects for the year ahead at the allotment.

Samuel and I also enjoyed a cup of hot tea and juice in the shed as we chatted about the things we had done in the past on the allotment including the history of who built our shed. (Granddad and Joey,)

We plan to visit the allotment again before I start back at work in the new year, so i will try again to make a video. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.



Made my first video in a long while today with Samuel down at the plot, its been weeks since I last visited, My Dad and I have contemplated a few times giving it up as it is time consuming and we never seem to be on top of it.

However, we have a plan, were going to try covering each bed with a weed suppressant fabric to reduced the weeds and give up more time to just enjoy the plot.

Samuel and I managed to harvest quite a few different squashes, and I'm pleased with them as they are a fine example of good bit produce from the plot that I have hardly visited the last month.

I we have made lots of plans for the plot for the next year so I think we will keep plodding on. After all we do get a lot of enjoyment from it.

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Purple Sweet Pea Allotment.