Pea & Bean Frames

A glorious sunny Sunday at the allotment, while enjoying the sunshine I constructed my two pea and bean frames from Norfolk Greenhouses. With a little help from Joey and a few nuts and bolts later I had made two sturdy pea and bean frames, that I cant wait to put into use this growing season.

It took me a little more than an hour and I had made the two frames and put them in to their final position on to the plot. I still need to add some pegs to the bottom of the frames to keep them secure on the ground.

My next visit I will be adding all of the string to the frames and planting up the peas I have had coming along nicely in the green house at home.

Building the frames was a great job for joey to get involved with too, he really took pleasure in using a real screw driver to tighten up the frames. I'm sure he will have even more fun once they are covered in peas and runner beans. The frames will also be super fun for the children to hide under in the summer while munching on the fresh produce they are supporting.

Peas are one of Joeys and Samuel's favourite crops. They love popping open the pea pods and picking out the peas like sweeties, except these one's are filled with nutritional goodness.

While at the Allotment we also manage to fit in some time to have walk around the allotment site and have a nosy at what some of the other plots are looking like this time of year. The boys took this opportunity to splash though the many giant puddles the thunderstorm the day before had created.

I'd love to find out what you were up to this weekend on your allotment or garden feel free to contact me in our forum. Until next weekend....

Happy Growing


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