The Tour

On our last visit to the allotment I made a new friend, who invited the boys and myself for a tour of her allotment and to meet her rescued chickens. It had been stormy the night before so their were plenty of fresh puddles for the boys to splash in on the short walk to my new friends plot. I also took this opportunity to have nosy at other allotments on the site. I get so carried away on my own plot that I don't often get the chance to have a look at what others on my site are getting up to.

It was great to be see how other allotment holders look after their allotment plots, many have got the ground prepared and some even have small signs of new growth. Those that are pros even manage to have crops growing all year round.

The boys joyfully ran through puddles excited to meet the chickens. I plan to get our own chicken coop set up soon,

They loved meeting the chickens, feeding them corn exploring the coop. They even collected some eggs that took pride of place on our allotment picnic at lunch. After a good chat about what we were both growing on our plots and a lovely tour it was time to head back after all I did have my pea and bean frames that needed constructing.

Until next time...

Happy Growing


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