The Flower Patch

Ive been planning my flower patch for a while now and adding things to it as I go along and now its really starting to pay off. Splashes of blue from the Forget Me Knots are brightly accompanied by my beautiful pink Tattered Tulips and the bold shades of yellow from the Daffodils.

Forgetme Knots Purple Sweet Pea Allotment

Pink Tattered Tulips Purple Sweet Pea Allotment

Daffodils Purple Sweet Pea Allotment

Bright Yellow Daffodils Purple Sweet Pea Allotment

I cant wait to see how my flower patch will develop though the year. At home in the greenhouse I've got many other flower seedlings coming along nicely which I hope will bring colour to the patch though out the year. I'm also prepared for the warmer months by planting an array of summer bulbs such and Dahlias and Gladioli. Check out our YouTube channel to find out about all the other flowers we have planned for this patch. including hardy peninnials and aunuals too.

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