December Update

So I finally got motivated to visit the plot in a last ditch attempt to inspire me to keep the allotment, I think it worked, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to collect a lovely December harvest.Turnip, sprouts, kale and leeks how lovely!

I also managed to get rid of the wasps nest that was built up over the summer, so we wont have that to deal with next year.

We really are debating the future of the allotment so if you do read this blog please get in touch and show us support we need motivation and inspiration to keep us going.

We have put everything in place to keep the allotment up next year including the rent and a bundle of seeds but will we be motivated enough to actually get our-self's there and do it.

The last few years we have always had so much building work to do form the shed, poly tunnel the fire we had to clear up and the green house we seem to neglect the best bit of planting and growing our own crops. Hopefully though this year we can really focus on this as we don't need to complete any building work just maintenance.

My visit down the plot has inspired me a little since I am writing this blog post, and in to process of editing our latest you tube video but we shall see. Don't forget to check out all the lovely wintery photos i took in our home page gallery.

Until next time

Take care


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