Children At The Allotment

So I was originally going to make this blog post about the children's area that I tided up, and about how I covered up the ground with membrane so the weeds wouldn't grow though and how we would be able to make some nice planters out of the old Tyre's Id found and how the children would be able to get more use from this area. But then, I started to look at some of the pictures Id taken of the boys at the plot.

They both were so happy to be there at first, wrapped up in their hats coats and gloves enjoying the fresh air and reuniting with the toys that they had left at the plot and I was happy clearing the area and putting the fabric down in place... Lovely...

But then Sam my youngest (4 nearly 5) started to feel the cold and what I can only describe as a small hell broke loose in Sam's world, I couldn't get him covered in a pile coats in the shed quick enough. Wrapped up in several coats with a box of chocolate festive friends biscuits it lasted about 3mins before it broke his heart and he wanted to come home.

My eldest Joey 6 on the other hand was gutted we had to go home, he was enjoying himself too much helping me out laying the fabric down intermittent with periods of jumping on the mini trampoline. Running around like crazy looking for worms and other allotment treasures. Joey even took his coat off because he was getting too warm with all the extra layers i'd put on them in the morning.

I guess that's the issue with kids on the allotment, meeting all their needs while on the plot is hard, even when you come prepared with chocolate festive friends and hot drinks.

However, no sooner were we back home Samuel and Joseph were both asking me to plan our next allotment visit and talking about how much fun they had had... At least I got a little job done on the plot... Happy Days!


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