The New Plot

So ts been a long while since I last posted life has been passing by. We've cleared the old plot and are making a start on the new one. Its been slow as my dad has been busy enjoying his retirement, and I've found out I'm expecting our third child. Hopefully in just over 7 months I hope to be spending summer days with the baby enjoying the sun on our new plot with Granddad. But there is so much to do to get the plot any where near ready. Been optimistic I've ordered this years seeds and we are busy planning the new plot. We went for a winter stroll to the plot as dad had put up the poly-tunnel only to find it had blown over in to a neighbors plot. At the last plot we had staked it to the ground so I suspect this is the way forward at the new site.

Here's a quick shot of the new plot before we start any major work. Hopefully I can drag the husband along before I go back to work in the new year to help make some progress on the plot.

We are really excited about the new plot, its in a great location right next to the river tees and on a very friendly open site.

It was really nice to take a short walk from the pot down to the river. I promise to try and keep you updated on our new plots progress. As we do hope to spend a few days hard craft on it shortly.

For now thanks for stopping by...


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