Keeping Busy In January

It's so cold at the moment, but its so hard not to start doing something in the garden. for me I did some sneaky early seed sowing and sowed my Snap Dragons and Basket of Fire Chilies. Today I was very happy to see that my Snap dragons had started to make an appearance.

I've also been keeping busy doing a little bit of online retail therapy and bought a few items for our new allotment that I think will stand the test of time and gives us plenty of joy for years to come.

I decided on some painted dahlia's that I hope to use as cut flowers. I must remember to dig them up at the end of the season this time. I also bought 15 new raspberry canes called Malling Jewel that produce crops mid season. I'm also excited this year to get a bountiful Harvest of Gladioli so I bought a collection of 90 large flowering bulbs. I plan to sow these in succession so that they flower throughout the season.

I was also very pleased with my retail therapy purchases as they came with free gifts, Lupins and Lilies.

Tomorrow I plan to start sowing my sweet peas in some toilet rolls that I've been saving up in an attempt to use less plastic. I've even asked the extended family to save them for me too.

Until next time take care


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