February Allotment Update

We finally have some raised beds on the plot and things have started to be put in to the ground and I couldn't be happier, nor could the boys.

It was Sunday yesterday and the boys managed to plant some onions and garlic in one of the raised beds. I briefly explained how to plant them and let them get on with it. So it will be interesting to see the display they have made in a few months time. I'm not gonna lie I very much think that many of the bulbs went in upside down but I'm hopeful they will turn themselves around.

I also gave Samuel a packet of lettuce seed to sow. But, while I was busy unloading the car he returned the empty packed to me and said he was done. I asked him to show me where he had planted them only to be directed to a nice pile of 2000 lettuce seeds on top of one of the beds. I managed to spread them in to a line the width of the bed but I'm sure they will still create an over crowded mass of lettuce... oh well....

The boys did enjoy breaking up the garlic bulb and were interested in how one section split in the ground to create a new bulb, again I'm not sure how may went in the right way around...

While the boys were busy with their onions and garlic, I got to work planting the strawberry plants id grown from the runners for the old allotment. I cant wait for summer days at the allotment picking our own strawberries and eating them outside our shed once it arrives.

So far we have created seven beds and filled them with crops. My plan is not try to fill each bed as we go. I'm keen on developing a lot of them as no dig, so we have placed quite a few layers of card at the bottom of each bed and topped with it with compost before planting. We are hoping to use wood bark for the paths. once most of the beds are in place.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs. Don't forget to check out out video updates on YouTube you can follow the link from the YouTube tab.

Take care

Claire and Family

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