Painting The Shed

I took to the allotment yesterday with high hopes of putting up my bunting and painting the inside of the shed white. Bunting up check Inside of shed painted..... errrr well nearly there.

I try to put a time limit on my time at the plot otherwise Id end up spending the day there and with current restrictions I cant take the kids as I meet up with my Dad. I welcome the peaceful break but long for the day I can bring the kids too. Cant wait for the new addition to my tribe Jimmy to enjoy the outdoors at the plot.

In the meantime my aim is to get the plot ready for them. My first job is to get the shed ready for our picnics and mid day retreats. in my head that's making it bright and comfortable. I managed to get most of the shed painted up and hope to complete it next week. You can check out my video blog by clicking on the YOU TUBE tab at the top.

Take care


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